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Whether it is Vacationing, Exploring, Honeymooning, for Weddings or fine dining, you can rest assured that your every want and taste will be catered to

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Oahu Vacation Resort

Second Life's ONLY All-Inclusive Resort, for Couples and Families. Explore the lush island of Oahu, featuring flora and fauna native to Hawai'i, and surf in clean pristine beaches, or just idle away in your luxury Hawaiian Hale

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Make it Perfect

Let us help you testify your everlasting love for your chosen one. Be it an elopement on one of our scenic beaches, or the lavish Wedding-of-your dreams, we will guarantee that your wedding will be... Perfect

The Bistro

Fine Dining in our Hawaiian Restaurant,
The Bruddah "Iz" Hawaiian Bistro, features a Domed roof, and glass floor over soothing waterfalls below. Live music, or deejays play as you eat, served by friendly waitstaff.